Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Prepping, So Much Prepping

It always amuses / exacerbates me how many people think it's easy to write, especially a blog post. Now that may be the case of some personal blogs out there -- it's yours, right? But it's an entirely different matter when blogging is your job.

There's a lot of prep to do, especially if you're expected to generate several posts not only for today, but later in the week as well. But I've developed a nice routine to make it bearable.

Today my boss followed up on some rather large articles he'd queried about a couple of weeks ago. Near panic, I told him I'd them ready for him by the end of the week.

Well, that put me in a dilemma. How do I find the time not only to finish up those articles, but maintain my regular output for my two work blogs? Thankfully, I not only write the posts, but schedule them as well. Instead of prepping posts just to go live the rest of the day and tomorrow, I prepped up enough posts -- called "evergreens" -- to go live the rest of the week. That gives me time to devote my full attention to the articles.

The rest of the involved a long drive and lunch with colleagues and dinner with the spouse on the last day of the "work vacation".

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