Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Tale of Two Holidays

Seder and Passover. Two different celebrations of, in my eyes, the same holiday.

I celebrated both this year. Last Monday, I joined the spouse's family to celebrate Seder for the first time. I've been invited many times in the past but have always declined due to my discomfort with religion. This year, I decided to attend. Why? Even I don't know my motivation. I think it involves family.

Anyway, I was the second guest to arrive and had fun whiling away the time with the hosts, their cousin and her new beau. An aunt and her son arrived next. We then proceeded to commence the ceremony and dinner since we really didn't know when the spouse would arrive.

The Seder was interesting. A celebration of the Israelites exodus from Egypt, the holiday involved reading from a book and performing the appropriate acts (e.g., washing the hands, breaking the matzo, etc.) The spouse arrived towards the end of the first half where we reached the part to have dinner. We never did the second half of the Seder.

Easter I celebrated with my sister and her family. There we watched the little ones find their Easter eggs while discussing the latest tidbits of our lives. The spouse, of course, rounded this weekend.

Chaos Is All in Your Mind

I've allowed too many things to lapse in my life, again, and the consequences are coming back to bite my arse like the World Serpent biting its own tail.

Finances are in disarray. My health is carp. House continues to be a dump and I still need to deal with those pesky nose hairs. I know one's energy slows down as one gets older, but this power drain is negligence, not entropy – I've simply stop caring.

But the world continues to care. Especially for money. Or its own plans. So I can continue to stop caring or lay blame on others. Or grab life by the balls and say, “sit”.